Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K November

I was assigned to Dr. Vitulli & Santolli blog post "Then there's Food." Their post was about how the food in Ireland was different than the food in States. Vitulli and Santolli were shocked with the portions they served and the combinations of food they mixed together. I responded saying the food in Ireland looks good but they have a funny way of mixing foods together and I'm not sure if my stomach could handle all of that. Also do they give to-go boxes for the leftover food you didn't eat?

C4K# 8
I was assigned to Dakota in Mr. Boylen's Language Arts class. Dakota wrote a poem title "Not Expected". It was based on dream in which someone get hits by a car and dies, and their after life goes to hell instead of heaven based on his or her passed experiences. I responded by asking if he/or she made the poem up? Also, that the post reminds me of a place down here called the House of Horrors.

I was assigned to IBFrances07 a history students' blog titled "Wanted Personal Assistant". This post is about IBFrances07 looking for a personal assistant to help him. He hires Napoleon Bonaparte because he mad many great accomplishments, gained a lot of success at at 26 and other things in his time. I responded saying I enjoyed reading his post. I like how you knew exactly who you wanted to assist you.

C4K# 10
I was assigned to Ms. Nelson and Ms. Yim Daphne East Elementary 4th grade class. I watched the students video titled The State House". The students went to montgomery and visited different historical places. Also, meet the Governor Robert Bentley. I responded saying I enjoyed watching the video. I remember when I went to Montgomery in the 4th grade, but I didn't get to see all the cool and interesting things you had a chance to see.


For my C4T assignment I was assigned to Ben Jones's blog Inter,Connect.Ed. He wrote two great post. The first post was titled, "weathering the storm of education." Jones made a great point about teachers giving up on students because of a class being bad, or the students can't understand a lesson. He believes that teachers should keep pushing instead of getting discouraged. I responded saying teaching can be difficult, you can give out, but never up. If teachers don't believe in their students, then who do the students look to as educators.


The second post was titled "Anyone can lead from the negative but it takes a real leader to lead from the positive." This post is about the people who pick all the negative things out and avoid the positives. I responded saying it's easy for someone to lead from the negative instead of the positive. Most people dwell on the negative things that happen they tend to forget to acknowledge the positives.

Final PLN

This is my final report for my PLN in EDM310. My final PLN consist of twitter, blogger, flickr, Google Chrome and other websites I've used this semester in EDM310. Symbaloo is a great website to use for projects and class assignments.

Final PLN

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Post 13

Back to The Future

Mr. Crosby is a fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teacher in Sparks, Nevada. The video Back to the Future focuses on working together and active learning inside the classroom. 90 percent of Mr. Crosby students are second language learners, and are students of poverty. I was shocked that majority of his class was not aware of where they lived, what state or country they lived in, or what their address was. His classes had 1 to 1 laptops, interactive whiteboards, cameras, and their own blogs. This provides students the opportunities to think outside the box. I really enjoyed the part of the video with the little girl that has Leukemia. She looks happy to be included in the classroom setting via Skype. "Creativity builds Passion."

Technology in the Class
A Vision of Students Today

A Vision of Students Today was a quick but true video. This video shows the situations college students face each year. Tuition is expensive, students are lost in the crowd because class sizes are to large. Students spend hundreds of dollars on books that are rarely used. We use technology all day everyday. Cellphones and laptops are used for facebook, twitter, instagram, and other things. However, not as much for school work other than typing papers. I feel it could be beneficial if Universities would use technology as a requirement for classes, instead of using chalkboards and whiteboards.

I can relate to every student in the video. Half of the classes I have taken aren't going to help me in everyday life. I have had some teachers who are boring and some who talk about everything but the subject being taught. On the other hand, I've had teachers who make lessons interesting and fun, and some teachers that care about their students. Those are the teachers who know their students by name not by just a number. When I become a teacher, I plan to make lessons interesting and fun. The teacher who cares about all of her students achievements and future goals in life. I also plan to use technology in my class to keep students interested, and motivated to learn.

Final Project 16

Project 15

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress Report on Project 16

Option B

Create a 10-15 minute movie which helps perspective students prepare for EDM310, EDM310 students survive EDM310, outsiders understand EDM310 or about anything having to do with the use of technology in a classroom.

My group and I chose Option B of project # 16. We have interacted with each other through email, and text messages about our final project. We plan to meet this week to start on out project 16 movie.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Blog Post 12

Read "Assertive Technology for College Students who are Blind and Visually Impaired" write about each tool, and pick two tools that will be used in your classroom if you had a blind or visually impaired student. Upload a video showing one of these tools being used.

Assertive Technology for College Students, is a website that has different tools for students who are blind or visually impaired. The first tool I would use is Screen Magnification. It enlarges information on the screen up to 20x magnifications. I would also use Screen Readers as a tool. This software reads everything on the computer screen.  Screen Readers also allows software to read anything that is scanned into the computer. Portable Notetakers "provide speech output without a visual display." Braille keyboards and refreshable Braille displays are available for Braille users. Video Magnifiers utilize closed circuit television technology to enlarge written materials and small objects.  Digital book readers are designed to play RFB&D's Audio Plus CD books on a desktop or laptop computer. All of these tools are beneficial to students who are blind and visually impaired. When I become a teacher I will use ZoomText and the CCTV. ZoomText is a good tool to use when students are blogging and looking up other information for class. The CCTV will be used to enlarge information from textbooks for easy viewing.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post 11

Little Kids....Big Potential

Ms.Cassidy first grade class

Ms. Cassidy is a first grade teacher in Moscoe Jaw, Canada. Ms. Cassidy is a strong believe in using technology in the classroom. In the video, her students demonstrate the different ways they use technology. The students in Ms. Cassidy class have blogs, they use wikis, and they have a class webpage. Also, they skype, make videos, and use the Nintendo DS. They use these tools to solve problems, share with other students, and communicate with others around the world. The students enjoy coming to school to use new technologies.

In the Interview Ms. Cassidy talks about how she became involved in technology. She stated she became involved ten years ago, when she received five computers in her classroom. She could not add programs to the computers, so she browsed the internet to find things she could do. She started a webpage for her class, and each student started blogging. Ms. Cassidy says technology is not going away, its here to stay. Her students really enjoy using computers to do their assignments. I never thought about using so many tools in technology in my everyday life, let alone a classroom. Now that I'm aware of these tools and their benefits to the student and the teacher, I'm more open to doing new things. I plan on blogging in my classroom just like Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy. Blogging is a great tool for students because it helps students writing skills, and it allows other people to see what they are doing in class. I think blogging will keep students excited and confident about doing their work. Blogging also allows parents to see what their child is doing in class. I will also have a class webpage. Its a great tool to put announcements about class work, field trips, or anything else that may go on inside the class. At first, I was very concerned how these tools could benefit kindergartners, and kids with special needs. Now, I understand how each tool works and the many benefits. I am very excited to start teaching!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

C4K October


For my C4K #3 I was assigned to Jasmine a fourth grader in Ms. Dunlop's class. Jasmine's post was about her favorite fall activity horseback riding. She loves horseback riding because its fun to feel the air in your face and reins in your hands. She also likes to hear the horses clomping feet, and the smeel of fresh air.

When I left my comment I first introduced myself to Jasmine. I told her I live in Alabama and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I wrote to Jasmine that I have never been horseback riding, but reading her blog post made me want to try it one day.

C4K 4
For my C4K #4 I was assigned to an 11th grade History student post OSG's Global Issues Blog". This post was about "Corruption: A Highlight of Global Issues. Corruption is a dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. Most might think that developed and richer countries wouldn't have as much corruption as developing nations. Wrong! Developing countries can be the cause and support of corruption. There are multiple forms of corruption such as corruption in the government and globalization. Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations. Globalization can harm the poorer people in the world.

When I left my comment I first introduced myself to the student. I told him/her I live in Alabama and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I wrote to the student that I agree that corruption is being used today not just in the government. I said that corruption is not a good thing but when it's used the right way it can have some positives. I also said that I liked the quote about Western business bribing people with money to win friends, influence, and contracts.


For my C4K #5 I was assigned to Gia. Her post was titled The Tragedy of the Titanic ( A day that should never ever be forgotten. This post was about the sinking of the Titanic. Gia says "this day should never be forgotten because its HISTORY!!!" It all happened on April 14th 1912. The boat shook and was sinking while people were screaming with terrified faces. The ladies got a chance to jump off the boat into a rescue boat, but some of the men did not make it. She also said that almost everyone on the bottom deck did not make it alive.


For my C4K #6 I was assigned to Mckenzie. She lives in Alberta, Canada. Mckenzie post was a short description of The Big Rock. She introduced the Big Rock and asked if we knew a woman gave birth on the east of it? When I left my comment I introduced myself to Mckenzie. I told her I was a student at the University of South Alabama. I told her that I liked the picture, and its cool a lady gave birth on the east side of the rock. I also asked what else is the big rock famous for?

C4T 3

I was assigned to Angela D. Rand's blog "My Mind Gap" for this weeks C4T assignment. I read two of Ms. Rand blog post and commented on each one. "The Cookie Connection" was the first post I read. In this post Ms. Rand talks about memory. "Memory contains the magical capacity to harness our lives into a timeline from which we may direct our attention backwards to relive moments. How The Cookie Connection got its title? Ms. Rand was having a discussion with her husband about the cookies they would eat living in Germany. This made her remember the friends she had in Germany, the activities they did, and their coworkers in the Air Force. I responded in an email saying "its amazing how we remember the little things in life, and those are the most precious moments.

The second post I read was Writing to write. Ms. Rand tells us about her experience with having writers block and being afraid to write. She mad an excellent statement about the writing process. "If I don't write anything, there will be nothing to edit." We should brainstorm first to get our thoughts out on paper, then write for perfection. She also said to use your teachers and other people to edit your work. I responded saying I also have a hard time writing when things are due. If I write first instead of thinking so hard on what to write, and how well it has to be done I would be less stressed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

A world where grades will be left behind.

Sebastian Thurn is a Google vice president and stanford research professor. He is known for building Google's driverless car. Learning will be free and available to anyone who wants it in Thurns version of education. According to Thurn, 30 years from now instruction will be free, but exams and certification will cost. Classes will use more challenging exercises and quizzes to help students master a particular concept or skill. Classrooms will not consist of "one size fits all". A single class might consist of hundreds if not thousands of students. Last but not least, grades will not exist. Students will take as much time as they need, to demonstrate mastery of a skill. Thurn says his vision of the future offers a "message of hope, of aspiration- not destruction.

After, readingA world where grades will be left behind, there were some points I agreed with and some I disagreed with. The good points include education is free and there will not be any grades. The bad points include having hundreds of people in one class. This will not benefit all students. Some students comprehend better in smaller settings. There's a down side to not having grades, you will not know where you stand or what progress is being made in class, and you might assume you are doing good, but the teacher thinks otherwise.

Blog post 10

Adventures in Pencil

I'm a Papermate, I'm a Ticonderoga is a cartoon about two items that are the same. The first is a Papermate which is cheaper, but it will not last long. The second is a Ticonderoga which is expensive,. but you'll get your monies worth. This cartoon reminds me of a conversation Dr. Strange and I had about Mac vs. Toshiba computers. The Mac computers cost more money than a regular laptop, but the Macs last a lot longer than a Toshiba!

Adventures in Pencil Integration

John Spencer's blog post Why Were Your Kids Playing Games is a great example of how teachers try to combine something interesting and educational together. There's always one person who can't really see the good in it because of "rules".It's easy for students to memorize and repeat the correct answers, but its even easier to forget it "Burp Back". I like Spencer's approach for getting his students ready to take the" Rote Memorization Test" When I become a teacher I plan to integrate subjects with interesting games and art work. This post was very insightful so I read two additonal post, The "Bad Teacher" it is the idea that teachers are lazy for opposing evaluations based upon test scores or asking for adequate benefits. "Charter schools are not more effective than public schools", Spencer says. The nations that are ahead of us in education treat their teachers as professionals. If teachers are treated with respect more often, they would care a lot more about their job. The second post is "The Real Reason we dont see Best Practice" View post here

Scott McLeod

About Scott McLeod

Scott McLeods "Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?" blog post was interesting and humorous. At first, I didn't know if he was serious or being sarcastic about not letting students use technology, because of some negatives. I could not agree with him more on his post. His students/children will have a leg up on other students who do not use technology because of a few negative things.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 10

I chose to creat my PLN. On my PLN I added some websites that we use in EDM310. Using a PLN will take some time to get use to, but I plan on adding more sites. They will benefit my learning experience in EDM. I will definitely utilize these sites in my classroom when I become a teacher.


Blog Post 9

Successful Teaching
Mr. McClung's World

Mr. McClung writes a blog post at the end of each school year to tell what he has learned. He has written a reflection about his fourth year teaching in "What I Learned This Year-Volume 4." Surprisingly, Mr. McClung didn't learn as much this year as he thought he did. Reading Mr. McClung's fourth year reflection has reassured me that I shouldn't worry about what other teachers think of me. I should put the majority of my focus and concerns to my students and make sure they are taken care of and enjouing class. Also, when teachers get too comfortable they become lazy and their lesson plans start to "suck". I agree with Mr. McClung on all of these points, because I've had teachers who repeated the same lesson plans each year. This requires no work from teachers, and students become bored. Also, students will know what to expect from teachers from the first day of class until the last day of class .

The second post I read by Mr. McClung was What I've Learned This Year (2008-2009). In this post, he talks about what he has learned after his first year of teaching. Mr. McClung list several things that he learned in his first year of teaching. First, he says he learned "How to Read the Crowd." He says "he was so worried about how he was being assessed by his superior, that he lost touch with his audience when delivering lessons." Second, "Be Flexible", "No lesson is ever perfect. "The lesson you teach and the one you plan are always different." "Communicate" is the third thing he talks about. "Communicating is the best way to resolve any issue in the work place." Next, "Be Reasonable", teachers often build their expectations too high for students and become upset when they do not meet expectations. The fifth thing he talks about is "Don't be Afraid of Technology." "Technology is our friend and is essential to living in our microwave society." You cannot expect to master technology on the first attempt, it takes practice. Sixth, "Listen to Your Students" it is important to take interest in their lives, some teachers do not know enough about the students they are teaching. "Lastly...Never Stop Learning", its never too late and you are never too old to learn new things. Mr. McClung has given me some comforting insite on teaching. I enjoyed reading his blog's, I know these tips will be very helpful when I become a teacher.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T Summary

C4T Summary

For this assignment I was assigned to Ali Hadscomp blog, Leadership in Practice. Her post was titled "Transformation is not the same as saving money". Ali began her post stating how certain people added on to inventions, and how some see it as a Transfromation. She goes on to give the defintion to "Transormation" which is changing apparence, changing shape and form. She closes by saying "to transform requires new thinking, the capacity to change and ultimaetly loss." I responded by saying I enjoyed reading her post, and that her last sentence "trasform requires new thinking, the capacity to change and ultimaetly loss" reminds me of super heros how they could change within an instance to save someones life. She thanked me for my post and said that "everything reminds her of super heros and transfromation" as well.

The second time I commented on Ms. Hadscomp Blog, her post was about contributions and communication in the work place. I responded saying that "When I become an educator I plan to include everyone in all assignments and communicate with my students. I also said that No one knows the answers to everything. In certain situations the students know a little more than the teacher. Example: using technology.

Blog Post 8

This Is How We Dream Part 1 & 2

In the video, This Is How We Dream Part 1 & 2, Miller is a professor at Rudgers University. Richard Miller discusses what can happen if students watch or listen to a lesson being taught. Miller talks about how writing in classrooms and cultures have changed. He starts with the incremental changes before he gets to the fundamental changes. He states "he will change that there are no more pens, paper and visits to libraries." He then says, "desks will not be important unless the students' computer is on it." He shows an advantage of using multimedia which can be utilized in all libraries across the world for resources.

In part 2 of Mr. Miller's video, he talks about how material is different and changes constantly. Miller talks about the academic information you can obtain when using iTunes U. I agree when he says "us as educators need to and must be in the business of sharing ideas freely". He states four things that are needed to start this program. "Inspiring Teachers of New Media Composing", "Ubiguitous Composing Technology", "Space That Foster Collaborative Learning", and "Pedagogues That Foster Creativity and Collaborations." I also like the statement "culture and our background is what helps form our ideas".

Mr Miller's video was interesting with great ideas. I don't think I could do without books. I've heard positive things about iTunes U and how great their podcast are. I see this process happening more and more everyday in all schools.

Carly Pugh Blog Post 12

Carly Pugh's blog post was great. Carly's playlist that she created is a great example of multimedia usage that Mr. Miller was talking about. Her playlist examples show you can still learn important facts without using books, pencil, and paper. Carly put a lot of thought into her assignment. I hope my blog post 12 can be on the same level as hers.

Chipper and EDM for Dummies

I loved watching The Chipper Series video it was very humorous, and it had a lot of true points. The Chipper Series informs people that taking the easy way out is not the best thing to do. One of my favorite parts in the video is when Dr. Strange says he procrastinates and turns his taxes in at the last minute. EDM310 for Dummies is a great video to show incoming students. Its good to know that I'm not the only one who had trouble in the beginning. I would love to make a video with my group and classmates to encourage new students.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

Learn to Change, Change to Learn starts out with different individuals talking about their being a change when it comes to learning in a classroom. I agree that kids today are doing more learning out of the classroom. Kids use technology more outside of class than inside of the classroom. I also agree with the male educator who said "as educators we have to accept technology." We also need to embrace it.

Scavenger Hunt

1. An awesome social platform for teachers, students, and parents is I created an account under the name of Mrs. Young. This website is almost identical to Facebook. I can use Edmodo to send students/parents assignments and reminders. Also, parents can contact me if they have any questions concerning their child's progress in my class.

4. is an excellent website to use in the classroom for all grade levels. Animoto helps create extraordinary videos from your photos, video clips, words, and music. Once a video is made I can share them on Edmodo for my students to watch before class.

5.For my poll I used

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Blog post 7

The Newtworked Student

Teachers are a great asset to have in networking programs stated in the Networked Student video. All teachers should be technologically literate so they can teach students their full potential. Technology is advancing everyday, so what use is a teacher to her students if she doesn't understand it? Networking can make learning exciting to students and teachers. Networking provides students with various resources to look up information. Students can come in contact with other students and teachers around the world who share similar interests as they do. Teachers are an important part of a students life. Students need to be encouraged and motivated in the process of learning. Teachers also educate students on proper etiquette skills when commenting on someone's blog. I'm ready to become a network teacher, but I'm not sure if this is appropriate for a Kindergarten class or First grade class.

A 7th graders PLE

In the video A 7th graders PLE I was very impressed how the student navigated and made up her own study activites, that she shared with her class. Her teacher has done an excellent job on showing her class how to use Symbalo. I hope to be able to utilize this system as well as the student does before I become a teacher.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Post 6

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.

Randy Pausch
In the video Randy Pausch's Last Lecture  ,he was very enthusiastic; even though he had liver cancer and was dying. He continued lectures helping student's and teachers learn more about achieving their goals. He was very motivational and gave words of encouragement. Randy Pausch made several points about life that will help me when I become a teacher. The first thing that caught my attention was: "experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." Everybody has something they would love to do, but if it doesn't go as planned you will always have the experience for the rest of your life. We all know experience is the best teacher.

Second, he compared how his teacher and the dean said the same thing but the dean said it in a respectable manner. My mom always says "its not what you say, it's how you say it because its all in the presentation." When teaching you should not want to be a "Picky Patty" to the point you hurt a students feelings or pride. Also, if someone is not doing well tell them and encourage them, to let them know you are not giving up on them. Find the best in everyone no matter how long you have to wait for them to show it.

Third, I like the statement " when you give a child a challenge it makes them want it more." Students need to know that "brick walls are there for a reason, they let us prove how badly we want things in life". As a teacher, I will challenge my students to do their best and strive for more. When something becomes harder than usual keep pushing until you get there. The sky is the limit.

It's very touching to know that he had only months to live, but I commend him for doing lectures for his children. Pausch instilled things to people around the world: such as don't complain work harder, encourage others, when people give you feedback cherish it, and my favorite THE BEST OF THE GOLD IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Project 9

Good Times, Good Times!

Project 9A

TimeToast: The History of our government and Constitution.

C4K Summary September

I posted a comment for a fifthe grade student in New Zealand. The student talks about how in their P.E class they played over and under, and it was the last day to play basketball. I responded saying Hi, my name is Carmen, I'm a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I remember when I was younger my friends and I played "Over and Under" too. I like to play "Over and Under" really fast, to see who can keep up and whose paying attention. My favorite sport is Basketball as well.

On September 30 I posted a comment for Kennedy a seventh grade student in Iowa. She posted a picture of a "Kentucky Coffeetree" and gave insructions on how to find the picture. I commented saying Hi Kennedy, my name is Carmen Young ,I’m a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. The instructions that you provided on how to see the Dichotomous Key tree are clear and easy to understand. Keep up the good work!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blog Post 5

The iSchool initiative

Travis Allen, a 17 year old high school student in Georgia, talks about a solution to America's Education problem. Allen tells us about his idea of having an iSchool which will eliminate books, pencils, paper, printers, and calculators. Students will only need an iTouch with certain apps like e-mail, U.S.A. Presidents, Formulae, Recorders, and the Graphic Calculator app. According to Allen, this will save 600+ dollars per student. Although I'm not an apple fan, I think this would be a good idea to bring into the classroom. Students and teachers will be able to attend field trips and therefore will be less money out of the schools budget. My main concern is that no two students learn the same way, and  it might be best if there were both books and the iTouch.

Virtual Choir.

I really enjoyed watching Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir video. It's amazing to see 185 people across the world sing together in unity via the internet. The group never met each other, they only practiced in the comfort of their own homes. I would have never guessed that something like this would be possible to do, with so many people.

Teaching 21st Century students.

What does it mean to teach? Kevin Roberts asked in his video Teaching in the 21st Century. I hadn't really thought about what it means to teach besides to have a passion to help others want to learn. He also stated that "students can find information on anything, anytime,and anywhere"; which means teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge, they are the filter. I think the technology that's being made each day will allow students to become more creative by using Blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. I'm glad students have other resources and can look up all types of information. I'm excited about becoming a teacher and this video encourages me to find new and creative ways to teach my students.

Flipped Classroom
Why I Flipped My Classroom was a very informational video. Katie pointed out excellent points about how she and most teachers have their classrooms set up. I like how she arranged her classroom and put herself in the middle. This gave her an opportunity to focus on everyone's needs not just one particular student or group. Also, having students get content before class allows them to ask questions and become more involved and interested. I would use this in my classroom to keep my students involved and focused.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project 5 "Presentation"

Blog Post 4

Langwitches Blog

Ms. Tolisano talks about the podcast she made with her first graders. In the podcast, Podcasting with First Graders , she talks about her students creating a podcast for the book they were reading in class. Ms. Tolisano made up questions for the students to ask each other. Students took turns interviewing one another on the podcast, and if they didn't like what was said or how they sounded they asked for second and third chances to redo it.

This was a great exercise for her students. They were eager to record their own voices to get them "into other people's computers and iPods". Students learned new skills and improved the skills they already had. Shy and quiet students came out of their shell and their classmates were impressed with their podcasting voices. I believe this activity will cause students to be more involved in class and more attentive.

The Benefits of Podcasting

Podcasting is an effective way of interacting with students outside of the classroom. The Benefits of Podcasting by Joe Dale is a very informative video for teachers and upcoming teachers. Mr. Dale tells us how podcasting is beneficial to Milenials (people who were born after 1980). Podcasting is a form of learning which students of today are familiar with. Podcasting promotes creativity and innovation, it can also offer distance learning opportunities for absent students. Parents also have the opportunity to communicate and hear what their children are learning.

Podcast Collection

Judy Scarf refers to podcast as a "radio talk show" on Podcast Collection. She discusses how to use a podcast and how its beneficial. In the blog post there are several instructions on how to create a podcast. There's also a list of projects that teachers can utilize. I will use this post and other refrences as I prepare for my podcast.

Friday, September 21, 2012

C4T Assignment

C4T Assignment

For the C4T assignment #1, I commented on Wesley Fryer blog post CDR Electronics in Oklahoma City. In this blog he tells us about an electronic store in Oklahoma that sells used apple products for a reasonable price. I left him a comment saying how awesome this place is and it's to bad that we don't have one in Mobile, AL.

His second blog post was titled Copying the Textbook is NOT an Acceptable Assignment. He talks about his daughter who is in the 7th grade and her teacher makes his class copy chapters out of the textbook for homework. I commented saying that its not acceptable to do this in a classroom because its an easy assignment for the teacher, but the students don't learn anything.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blog Post 3

Peer Editing

What is Peer Editing? Peer editing is working with someone your own age, usually sommeone in your class to help improve, revise, and edit his or her work. The Peer Editing Video and The Peer Editing with Perfection Tutorial slide show listed three steps to peer editing. Step one: compliments--always stay positive. Step two: make suggestions--such as: word choice, details, organization, sentences, and topic. Step three: corrections--punctuation, grammar, sentences, and spelling.

The Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes was funny. The video introduced us to several different peer editing characters. For example, "Picky Patty" too picky, picked out the smallest details in the paper that were irrelevant. "Social Sammy"-- wanted to socialize instead of revising his peer paper. "Loud Larry"--does not know what "use your inside voice" means, and last but not least "Off Task Oliver"--wanted to discuss everything but the task at hand. From watching these videos I learned that "it is not always what you say, but sometimes how you say it."

Technology in Special Education

Technology in Special Education by Lacy Cook. Ms. Cook shows others how technology has enhanced her special needs students abilities to learn. The students in Ms. Cooks class are willing to participate and are less frustrated when using computers. "Technology captivates the students attention"....priceless. There were two students in the video who caught my attention. The first student, "Corbin", needed a teacher assistant to read to him in the hallway during silent reading, but with the ipod touch audio books it makes silent reading stimulating. The student, "kris" had difficulty communicating while doing a crossword activity, but when using a computer it enhances his communication skills.

I would use all the latest technologies in my classroom such as zoom text and Jaws. Zoom text enlarges the print for students who can't see small print and Jaws reads text to blind students. I will alswo communicate with parents through e-mail and give links for certsin assignments that will help students learning ability. Technology is very important for special needs students because it enhances their learning and communicated skills.

iPad for Autism

How the iPad works with Academics for Autism shows Braden, an eight year old boy, with Autism. He is motivated to do his homework because of the apps on the iPad. There are so many apps out today and more being made daily to help children with all disabilities. Working with special needs students who are visually impaired I will use an app on the iPad called "Voice Over" that I came across on Apple.Education Apps. Voice Over is an advance screen reading technology that will read students assignments out loud. They can also use this feature to send and receive e-mails, and to chat with other people.

Harness Your Students

"Harness Your Students" is about a teacher in Rural, Georgia by the name of Vicki Davis. Ms. Davis introduces her students to new technology that has them think beyond their imagination. Technology gives students a better learning experience and learning does not have to be centered around pen and paper. This video was informative and educational. I like the idea of students being able to work with other students around the globe. I was impressed with the way students helped each other in class. It is vital to our future that students today learn how to support their classmates. Teachers should always know what their teaching to students, so I disagree with her when she says "the teacher does not have to know everything before she teaches it."

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Assigntment 2

1.)Did You Know 3.0
I was completly shocked after watching Did You Know. It's very sad to see how far the United States is behind China & India. From the video I learned that India has more K-12 honor students than the United States, and there are 18 million people in China that speak english and 300 million are learners, 25% of the population in India with the highest IQ's outnumbers the entire population of the United States.

The sad part of the information is that, two years ago 93% of all 8-18 year olds had computers in their homes and i think today the precentage is higher. The website also stated that the "top jobs 10 years from now do not exist and will use technologies that are not invented. This is interesting to see what what technologies will i be required to use when i start teaching.

2.) Mr. Winkle Wakes.

Mr. Winkle Wakesis a cartoon by Mathew Neddleman, which is about an old man that wakes up after he has slept a hundred years into time. He walks into an office building where he sees many things have changed from the time he was working. There were computers, printers, and computers with webcams.Disturbed Mr. Winkle goes to the hospital but little did he know things changed there also. He see's patients connected to machines that will help keep them alive, nurses and doctors viewing patients bones thorugh x-rays.

Mr. Winkle still disturb goes to school where everything is still the same. There was one computer but it looked as if it was barely used. I think that children in all schools should use some types of technology to keep up with the generations to come, so no one is like Mr. Winkle.

3.)Sir Ken Robinson: The Imporantce of Creativity.
I enjoyed watching Sir Ken Robinson The Importance of Creativity. He discussed how important it is to have some creativity in the schools. I think Schools are so focused on doing the lessons and making sure the students meet the requirments which the teachers should, but they forget that sometimes children can learn things in a different ligh.

If we dont allow students to be creative they'll never want to experience new things. It's always good to have an Art class, Drama class, and Dance class because kids can express differenet things and can learn a little more in a certain subject if its being taught in a fun way. Which will improve grades and students achievements.

4.) A Day Made of Glass 2

While watching A Day Made of Glass I was very amazed by the technologies used, in the classroom students were able to see what the teacher was writing on the board right on their desk. Students could watch movies and enjoy field trips about distinct animals and other animals. If Mr. Winkle walked in this classroom he would have a heart attack!

Technology has come very far today, classrooms have gone from blackboards, to whiteboards, and now smartboards. I am very excited to see what comes next in this world of technology. A Day Made of Glass made me want to have the pick and choose closet.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Blog Assignment 1.

About Me!
My name is Carmen Young. I was born on August 20, 1992 in Mobile, Alabama. I am 20 years old. I graduated from Baker High School in May 2010, I graduated from Faulkner State Community College in July of 2012. I am Majoring in Elementary Education with emphasis in Special Education. Special Education is close to my heart because i know what it's like to have an impairment. I am visually impaired due to ocular albinism, with nystagmus. I am outgoing, respectful, humorous and bubbly. My hobbies include dancing, listening to music,shopping, spending time with my family and hanging out with my friends.
Randy Pausch
In Randy Pausch Time Management video i learned that Americans aren't good with time management, but are excellent with money. Its always good to have a to do list and a plan on what things to do first. He also said that "A lot of people focus on doing things right instead of doing the right thing." Experience comes with Time!!